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Our effort to bring clean and safe drinking water initiated in the eastern region of Africa.

Now, we work globally as registered non-government organization in

Kenya, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Somalia, Indonesia, Canada and South Korea.


Team&Team Canada was established in 2006 and took the role of support, focusing on a drinking water support programme and a human resource programme. Additionally, in Canada we are raising future leaders by sponsoring and supporting them. With the Global Action(G.A) Training Program that has run for the last 4 years, Team&Team Canada is researching the needs of Africa in the area of general community development. In addition, Team&Team is helping the youth of Vancouver and college students to cross the language and culture barrier, in order to visit supported countries and engage in community development projects. Currently Team&Team Canada, as a sponsor country, is conducting research to create a detailed and sustainable course that will develop future leaders.

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