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We supports people who have experienced natural disaster and life-threatening war through food aid, health care, drinking-water, and a infrastructure to helpthe reconstruction. We began emergency relief in 2002 by supplying spring water from the mountains to the residents of Boma, inSouth Sudan who were experiencing severe famine.


In 2009, Team&Team Indonesia responded to earthquake disaster in the cities of Nias, Pariaman and Mentawai in Indonesia by delivering emergency aid anddispatching the emergency medical team. Following these reliefs,

we provided reconstruction programmes such as Rainwater-catchmentand Earthquake-Resistant Housing Programmes.

Sierra Leone

Clean water is an absolute necessity in the Ebola treatment such as oral rehydration solution and general hygiene.

As response to Ebola crisis that started in 2014, we supply clean and safe water to Ebola treatment centers in partnership with Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR) through borehole drilling and pump rehabilitation. In addition,

we bring BSF to isolated residents who lack access to clean water in rural area.

How water is used in Ebola Care Centres/Units :



chlorinated hand and foot washing

disinfection material and bodies


preparing ORS (oral rehydration solution)

Kenya Kakuma

After becoming the official partner with UNHCR(United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) in 2014, 

Team&Team kenya is constructing drinking- water facilities in Kenya Kakuma Refugee Camp.

By providing water facilities, Our goal is to create a living environment in which a person canfulfill the minimum requirement of 20 liters of water a day, as determined by the WHO (World Health Organization).

Kakuma Refugee Camp

(UNHCR) Kakuma refugee camp was established to assist the victims of the Sudan civil war in 1992. The current population of the camp is currently 10 million, and has surpassed its capacity. Every day, 300~400 new refugees from the countries neighboring Kenya are registered.

Due to an increase in refugee population and expansion of the camp size, camp residents experience a lack of basic of water supply facilities.

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