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Water Development

Our sustainable programme provides fresh water using methods that take into account of the community's environment and culture. In dry regions where droughts are common we secure water sources by drilled boreholes and water pans. In areas where the amount of rainfall is abundant, we secure water with rainwater storage systems and rovide clean, fresh water with BSF (Bio Sand Filter).

Borehole Drilling
Water Pan
Borehole Drilling 

More than 40 % of sub-Saharan Africa's population is still living without a supply of clean water.
We develop water facilities to
 supply clean water to local residents by operating
professional groundwater drilling teams in Eastern Africa.

1 borehole supplies clean water to average of 1,000 people.
The Impact of Clean Water 


Children can go to school,
instead of walking
for hours to collect water.


Drinking clean water
prevents waterborne diseases.


Women can take care of
their families and
pursue new opportunities.


People can settle and
develop community, instead
of wandering for water supply.

Economic activities

With water resources,
people can create
economic value from farming.

Borhole Drilling 

In many East African regions, numbers of abandoned, broken water-pumps are spotted.

Once saving residents’ health and quenching their thirst, without maintenance, they have broken down and become useless. Then, residents have no choice but to go back collecting drinking water from unsafe water source.


Team&Team kenya organizes a pump rehabilitation team and investigates the regions with broken water-pumps,

in cooperation with the local water agencies. With rehabilitation,water-pumps can provide clean water once again. Furthermore, we help the local residents to take ownership of their pump by training them in maintenance in order to prevent additional break downs.

With the simple replacement of a broken part,
pump rehabilitation can have the same effect as developing
one new borehole at a lower cost.
Rainwater Catchment

In Northwest Asia where the demarcation of dry seasons and rainy seasons is clear, supplying water using rainwater can be effective.Community development projects in Indonesia (e.g. water supply, construction of houses and schools) uses Rainwater Catchment Programme to provide water to the local residents. We are expanding the Rainwater Catchment Programme to include a sanitary apparatus which is installed in pipes and storage tanks to reduce the pollution level within the water tanks. 

Spring Catchment

Spring water usually surges in the mountains spontaneously and is the best water source for the local residents. We set up a pure spring water
protective device and connect it via sturdy and sanitary pipes to the water tanks in the village, providing fresh clean water. Team&Team Kenya provided
fresh and clean water to 30,000 civilians of Boma, South Sudan, by providing drinking water to 2 villages, hospitals, and schools, using the Spring Catchment
With our Spring Catchment Programme, the resident’s settlement and the operation of schools and hospitals became possible.

Water Pan Oasis 

Water Pan is a water source that saves up to 20,000 M3 of rainwater and supplies water regularly to local residents during the drought.The ASAL(Arid and Semi-arid Lands) region in eastern Africa has difficulty width groundwater development and residents have been suffering from drought for years.With Water Pan, drinking water can be provided to all the residents in a region. Water Pan provides safe water needed for residents, livestock, and agriculture. After a Water Pan is constructed, a village is formed around it, becoming the foundation of community to the nomad people.

Expected effect

Provide the foundation of community development

Decrease in conflict for water source

PProvide secure and sustainable water source, regardless of climate change

Bio-Sand Filter

BSF(Bio-sand Filter) is a water purifier which anyone can use easily to purify polluted drinking water.


BSF is made with sand and gravel so that anyone can make and maintain it.

A bio film layer called ‘Schmutzedecke Layer’ develops on the top as time passes.

This layer eliminates germs and disease-causing bacteria, providing safe drinking water.

About 95% of bacteria and germs are filtered by BSF and the effect of BSF is proven around the world.

We supply BSF to the residents living near water pan.

With the minimun of maintenance, BSF can be used semi-permanently.

BSF Water Purifier
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