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Sanitation and Hygiene Progamme

What would be the most necessary things for villagers who have never had the acess to clean water before?
What would be the most necessary things for local residents who still consider the pond as the best restroom?

The increase in "awareness" of basic hygiene has much greater impact on

the community than simply having better supplies, and infrastructure.
We make infrastructures to help build a settleable village by supplying drinking water.
However, what make them sustainable is the voluntary participation of

villagers and their awareness of safe water usage and hygiene.

Health and Hygiene Education Progamme

For safe water usage and hygiene activity, We educate local residents on how to improve public health by

increasing hygiene awareness. With the Health and Hygiene Education Programme,

We are not only educating local residents to live with a clean and safeway of life,

but also collaborating with the local community to train for prevention and treatment of diseases.

Water testing and Health examination

Team&Team Indonesia visits local households to demenstrate the importance of a healthy and hygienic life environment, byexamining the hygienic conditions of the drinking water and the tableware that residents own.

Rather than simply running an outsider-led campaign by saying,

"You should wash your dishes clean and dry them under the sunlight",

we show the test results and encourages questions like,

"how can we get rid of these insects and make them clean?"

This method leads tomuch more active participation afterwards.


Also, We register family and individual health data for regular health examination,

confirming the wrong eating habits within avillage and finds patients in dangerous conditions in advance,

to enable them to receive proper treatment.

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