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Our effort to bring clean and safe drinking water initiated in the eastern region of Africa.

Now, we work globally as registered non-government organization in

Kenya, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Somalia, Indonesia, Canada and South Korea.


Team&Team Kenya was established in 1999 with it's Water Development Programmes at regions such as Turkana and Garissa, etc located in northwest and southeast of Kenya.

Team&Team Kenya is currently located at Nairobi, Garsen and Kakuma. With these three bases, we proceed WASH (Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene promotion) for local residents who lack water and basic infrastructure.


Garsen base consists of 6 teams: Drilling, Groundwater Development, Pump & Borehole Rehabilitation, Hygiene & Sanitation, Water Pan Construction, BSF(Bio-Sand Filter) Production & Distribution, and School Construction. Through safe water supply and basic hygiene education, Team&Team Kenya is doing its best to prevent water-borne diseases and to ensure self-reliant livelihoods for the local residents.

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